Join us as we gather the Clans to celebrate our Celtic Heritage at our new location, Camp Emerson where our Renaissance Faire is held. 10:00AM until 8:00PM Saturday. 10:00AM until 6:00PM on Sunday. Slainte Mhath!
Join Us for Merriment, Song, Dance, Games, Food & Drink!

Leave the modern day with it’s harried pace behind as you cross over The Stirling Old Bridge and enter into the Scottish Highlands in the 16th Century.  Revel in events as they may have happened on a fall day in the Shire of Idyllwild. Immerse yourself with our players as they reenact life of that bygone era. Join Us & make merry!
Welcome to our Celtic Experience!

What to Expect at Our Faire!

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We will strive to engage a variety of Merchants to provide a plethora of goods and services for the discerning Celtic Shopper. From handmade to custom items, you are sure to find the perfect Celtic treasure.

Prepare yourself for some amazing, fabulous Music, Stories, Dancing, Battles & Guilds from all corners of the World. Three stages and wandering buskers will provide plenty of entertainment for all ages & temperament. Slàinte Mhath!

Have a hankering for some Faire Food? How about a BBQ Chicken sandwich, Funnel Cakes, Hot Dogs or Tacos? How about a pint of the best Mead or craft beer in the Shire? We will provide plenty of Faire food for all tastes & appetites.

Do you feel up to a challenge? Want to go up against your kids in a game at one of the Guilds? You don't want to miss the Clans competing in the Highland Games.

Visit Our Scottish Highlands in the Shire of Idyllwild

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